September 27, 2008 6:05 PM


I am thinking of changing my major to MoTox and minoring in N.S. Pretty much, for undergrad, both majors have overlapping courses, so those who are thinking of which major to do, try taking NST 10 and 11 to get a better feel of the different fields. Anyway, If you are thinking of minoring, your advisor has all these great resources about what requirements are needed. So, it seems, to minor in NS, you need to take NST 10, NST 103, NST 106, NST 160 and NST elective of your choice. Mind you, it may seem like a little amount, but don't forget to sign up for courses for your degree and other classes that you need to get into grad school. And, of course, Mo Tox minoring will require a different set of classes, as well as for other minors in CNR. Anyway, seemed like something informative to share. Hope it helped!

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Comments (1)

do'nt worry the lord will help you out with your feature career he will make sure that you pass all your subjects ,just go out there and show them who you are, and you know you can to it to the best of your ability ;just prayer and ask god for health and strenght,bye.

Posted by angel | 2008-10-10

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