September 7, 2008 10:39 AM

Molecular Toxicology - A Different Breed

For the first time in my Berkeley Career, I'm taking classes that are dominated by Toxicology majors. One of them, NST 171, Toxicology Lab, is restricted to senior moltox majors. In the class of 30, we have 10 people in each team. I'm in Team C. And, we were encouraged to come up with a team name beginning with after Jason's suggestion, we became the CareBears! Hahaha.

We've begun cell culturing, a painstaking process of keeping sterile. Adam and Marisela are pros in this as they're involved in research that has required them to work with these. Next week, we'll begin on real stuff and work on stuff relating to the endocrine system.

What is also kinda nifty is that Michael, Gary, Marisela, and Karen are also in my NST 110 or PH 162 courses. I shared a class with Lena in the past...but we're not sure which one it was. ^^

Since we're the carebears, we just HAD to take the CareBear test to see which carebears we are. Interestingly, Lena, Alan, and Karen are all Tenderheart Carebears.

The best thing about molecular toxicology is that everyone in the major has a different background and how they came to the major is different. The 10 of us came with different backgrounds, different reasonings, and went through different choices to land together in this class. Some of us went through three different majors before landing here. Others are transfer students. Some began with Toxicology from the start, and others added on Toxicology when they learned how cool it was. ^^ What's also awesome is that my group is exactly 1/2 male and 1/2 female. Most of the classes I've been in have been highly skewed one way or the other. So its nice to have an even distribution.


To: Jane, Lena, Marisela, Karen, Gary, Jason, Alan, Adam, and Michael,

Let's make it a good year Carebears!

Best Wishes,

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