September 19, 2008 9:39 AM

Studying Abroad...

Even though I'm a microbial biology major, I feel like I'm going to be more of a MCB major simply because most of the upper division electives for the MB major are MCB classes! I wish there were more microbiology classes offered at Cal. I've always wanted to take 'Food Microbiology,' but I just found out that it's not offered anymore! The professor retired and no one else wants to teach it.

So, I did some online browsing and found that the University of Hong Kong actually offers a Microbiology major with a LOT of interesting microbiology courses. HKU is one of the universities that participate in the UC's EAP program, which is the study abroad program. I think studying abroad would be amazing. Not only will you experience academic life in a different country, but also take courses that may not be offered here at Cal. You can check out the EAP website here:

The major issue about studying abroad, for me at least, is convincing my parents. I told my mom about EAP a few days ago, and she thought that I wanted to pursue a different line of coursework and that going abroad might jeopardize my chances to get into med school. On the contrary, if I study abroad, I'll be able to focus even more on microbiology and get an experience that I'm sure med schools would be interested in hearing about. Wouldn't it be fascinating talking about your semester abroad in Italy and how you had to adapt to the different culture and customs? Otherwise, you'd just be like every other person who's gone to school and blindly taken courses for their major.

Another factor for studying abroad is the cost, of course. Although EAP says that their costs are comparable to the cost of studying here at Cal, our parents would most likely disagree. I calculated my costs of living (tuition, rent, books, food, etc) for a semester at Berkeley and found that the cost to study abroad in some countries are comparable. The more popular countries, like Italy and France, cost about 1.5 times more than a regular semester at Berkeley. So, depending on how reasonable your parents are, you might have a chance to convince them to let you study abroad. Unfortunately, in my case, I think my parents are a bit too practical...but I'm going to try anyways. I'll let you guys know if I do get to study abroad.

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Comments (1)

Thanks for good link. I read this site very carefuly and found 2 good programs from me. But i'm not biology person, i'm lick high-tech and promming.
Allan Dig

Posted by Allan Dig | 2008-10-02

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