30 October 2008

A Week Since

Well, it's been a little over a week since my last midterm this "season." (I do have another on Nov. 6th, but it won't be as hardcore as what I've had since the end of September). I, like many others at CNR and elsewhere, have survived midterms. It can, and must for that matter, be done. Up to this point I hadn't really had a difficult midterm schedule (I arrived at Cal in Fall '07) but now I know what it's like; now I know what everyone has been talking and stressing out about. The rest of this post will be a bit rant-ish, so read at your own discretion. What follows is what I've had going on. I know others have probably had a lot more to deal with and I give them all the credit in the world; while others have had it easier than I. Relative to what I've been used to, midterms were tough this go around.

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29 October 2008

Halloween Costumes and Money

There are many, many things that minors can't do. Since I'm not turning 18 until January 26th, I don't get to vote in what is the most exciting election that I've ever witnessed. I can't legally go clubbing, nor can I sign my own release forms. The most frustrating thing is that I can't participate in those cool psychology studies that pay $15 an hour! My friend made $40 yesterday - that's enough to pay for half of a textbook! Today I went shopping for a Halloween costume. I searched with my friend for hours - we visited Crossroads (not the dining commons, but the thrift/exchange store!), Goodwill, Urban Outfitters, the Dollar Store, Hot Topic, American Apparel, the vintage/thrift store on Telegraph, some fancy dress store, and finally this place called "Fashion Plaza" or something. It took us this long just to find a red strapless minidress so I could be Betty Boop! The dress, along with a lacy scrunchy from the dollar store (my friend creatively suggested that I use the latter as a garter), cost a little over $10. That's not bad, but as I was looking into my wallet, I saw how empty it looked. I haven't really bought anything except for TEXTBOOKS this fall, so its emptiness made me really sad. And it made me feel like a poor, starving college student (I'm not starving though).

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28 October 2008


hey all, I'm at work right now. its 7:14 pm and I've got a lot of studying to do. There was a really big mix up about my work schedule tonight. I'm a SM at unit 3 and told a co-worker I could could cover her shift from 6-10. Then, I told another coworker that I could cover her today, because she sent out a request for help that I though was TOMORROW, but it turned out to be today. Oh boy. To make matters more confusing, It turns out I had class during the first hour of both shifts, so I had another friend to cover for the shift I was already covering. Things got messy, and basically I came to my shift late, and caused a lot of unncessary confusion. This is stress does to me I guess!

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27 October 2008

Don't know what classes to take

My telebears is coming up in two days and I haven't decided what combination of classes to take. For sure I am taking upper div EEP classes, but not so sure how many. Right now I'm taking EEP100, History 14, and PoliSci 1. I'm finding it a little hard to switch between EEP and PoliSci/History and after this semester I only have 1 lower div requirement left . I'm thinking whether to have all EEP classes next semester. Should I do pure econ or mix it with some PoliSci upper divs? I usually give advices on Fresh Faces, but I think this time I need some advice =o I'll update this blog once I made a decision. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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27 October 2008

Random Facts from OChem

Now that the second round of midterms is upon is, I think we all feel a bit like hermits, trapped in our apartments or the library with our study materials. I remember after the first round of midterms, I literally squinted against the sunlight, thinking, "Eek! Sunlight! It burns!!!" I really wish I could take a break this Friday for Halloween, but I really can't afford to slack off from studying. Anyways, while studying for Chem 3B, I came across some interesting facts that might amuse you guys:

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25 October 2008

Everything is a Poison!

This is under the Suggestions and Advice category because I'm advising you to NOT ingest things in unreasonable quantities. Just.. don't.. do.. it. http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20081024/lf_nm_life/us_taiwan_contest;_ylt=AnL2crbI67Fu3YBKoNZhhQmek3QF According to Reuters, an unwise student decided to unreasonably ingest food during a competition which caused his subsequent death. Anything can kill you given a dose, though mechanism of action may not always be obvious. For example, a piano can kill you by dropping on you. Or, a spider could scare you to death. So the main point is.... don't over eat fast food, don't over drink water, don't do those 21 shots of alcohol during your 21st birthday, don't drink 48 cups of coffee in 10 min...etc. Stupidity (e.g. showing off, peer pressure) kills. If you do want to put something into your body... go get a flu shot for free this tuesday (Oct 28) through the Berkeley public health clinic. It's free! It's not dangerous (but you can pretend it is). and.. its good for you/community.

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25 October 2008

pretty cool video

check out this video my friend showed me. its about a guy who goes to like 140 countries in 3 months (i probably got the numbers wrong but you get the point):

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23 October 2008

Tele-Bears made easy!!!

Well for me my Tele-bears appointment is kind of late…November 3-4. The thing about Tele-bears is that it is so frustrating to plan out all your classes and labs and other stuff and if you’re lucky have no conflicts. The one thing I told myself was that there was no way I would have another 8 am class, however that never followed through. Next semester I will have an 8 am class every Tuesday and Thursday and on top of that it is O-Chem. and its 90 minutes. I wish I could take the 2-3:30 pm, but that conflicts with another class I need. Now back to my point Tele-Bears can be made easy and maybe fun...yah right. This is a website that is sooooo helpful in planning my schedule. You input all the classes and times that you want and it generates multiple schedules.

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22 October 2008

Career Center: Career Exploration

In the spirit of fully using my resources, I followed Susan Kishi's advice and set up an appointment with one of the career counselors at the Career Center today. The career center really is as far as it looks on the map; I panicked halfway there because I wasn't sure whether I'd passed it or not. However, it does happen to have a flag in front of it that says "Career Center," so it isn't actually very difficult to find. Although I scheduled a 15-minute appointment, my counselor actually ended up talking to me for 25! Truth be told, after talking to him, I was even more confused, because he opened up my possibilities. I expect that this'll all make more sense to me after I take one of the tests that help students find direction. The career center's a nice place despite how far it is; if you want to make an appointment, however, do it soon! There's a three-week waiting list for the 45-minute appointments, which are needed if you want to take one of those aforementioned tests. I'm kind of worried again. What if I end up wanting to be something totally out of my discipline, like a fashion magazine editor? Unfortunately, just about any girl who's watched 13 going on 30 or The Devil Wears Prada wants to be a fashion magazine editor, and there just aren't enough great fashion magazines to go around.

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21 October 2008

Earth Abides by George Stewart

Read a Book. Read a book not required for an assignment! I've been working down this optional reading list for Public Health Microbiology. Books.... The Andromeda Strain Fever, The Hunt for a New Killer Virus Microbes and Morals Rats, Lice and History Magic Mountain Earth Abides I just finished Earth Abides. It's a futuristic novel of a ravaged earth, where author George Stewart makes a social statement about association of disease with the selfishness of mankind, its need for companionship, and its ability to survive. A pandemic infectious disease eradicates the world of mankind. Only a few are left, and even in that few, many die through non-infectious diseases.The knowledge or mis-knowledge of certain diseases caused people to accept and dismiss certain people. Mental diseases are viewed as genetic and sexually transmitted diseases as the end of the line. It was first published in 1949 and thus strongly reflects the opinions of the time. But... more importantly, you can observe the influence of diseases on humans. Try reading it. =) Yes, I'm recommending that you read a book outside of your class. You'll never regret reading, but you'll never miss what you never experience.

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17 October 2008

Finding a Faculty Advisor

Woot woot! I finally found a faculty adviser! If you don't know what I'm talking about, CRS majors need to find their own faculty advisory which is someone whose field is closely related to your AOI. Although that relation isn't a requirement, it is highly recommended. For the most part, you need them to sign papers & get adviser codes but I don't want to make them sound like that's all they're good for because that would be completely wrong. They are excellent resources for research, courses to take and a window into potential career paths, just to name a few. With my AOI focusing mainly on environmental education for positive social change, I found it particularly difficult finding an adviser in the ESPM department. Majority of them are more on the sciences and if anything politics and justice. And although those are great things, that wasn't my emphasis. Evidently, I located my best match in the education department. His emphasis is exactly mine, education as a mode for social change...perfect! I look forward to the knowledge I have yet to gain from him. If you are in the midst of finding an adviser for yourself, don't exclude faculty outside of ESPM in your considerations because they equally have something grand to offer. The most important part is that their interests match with yours. Best of luck!

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17 October 2008

Meeting with my Major Advisor

Today was my first formal meeting with my major advisor, Susan Kishi from Environmental Sciences. For the past few weeks, I've been worried sick about the general direction of my future.

Meeting with Susan reminded me of why I love CNR so much. I'd e-mailed her with some tentative times this week, and she responded quickly. Even though I'd wanted to meet early in the morning, before her office hours began, she was willing to come early just for me!

We sat in her office, just the two of us, and talked about... me! She knew the right questions to ask - about my classes, professors; and the right follow-up advice to give. I'd been torn between taking an R1A class and scuba diving (a follow-up class taught scuba diving for research!), and she gave me great suggestions for deciding. What I liked was that she didn't give the usual "Just do what you're interested in and you'll be fine!" talk - she was realistic, pointing out that my schedule was only going to get more difficult, and that it was a good idea to quickly finish my R&C requirement. As for scuba diving, she suggested that I talk with my Oceanography professors during their office hours to get an idea of what they did for their research to see whether or not I'd like doing scuba diving for research.

To help me get over my general feeling of lack of direction, she pointed me to the career center website; it had these neat applications that I'd completely missed before!

We didn't just talk about academics. She also wanted to know how I was doing Student-Life-wise, asking in which student groups I was, and suggesting others that I might like.

I came from a big public school, and I'd never recieved this kind of attention before. We talked for a whole half hour, and never did I feel rushed. I came out relaxed, with a plan in my mind, feeling like I had a great source of support.

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15 October 2008

And it's here

Oh Joy!!! It's the tail end of midterm season here at Cal. The students are stressed, tired, and live in the library. I for the past two weeks have watched people pull all nighters and run around with their face in a textbook and not had to worry about midterms until....yesterday. Now it's my turn to cram too much knowledge into my head. I was emailed my take home midterm which is expected to be 10 pages....single spaced yesterday for next week due the day before my other midterm. That I can live with but I also got new requirements for my presentation this morning for tomorrow...yah thanks for the timely notice. But I'm going to take everything one thing at a time in order to keep myself sane. On the fun side of life it's been sunny outside...yay!!

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14 October 2008

A Lab-filled Life

I'm now working at the Bjeldanes lab where I'm researching P-Met and DIM. It interesting how most of the research on DIM was produced from Bjeldanes. One of the weird things I'm getting used to is called Bjeldanes, Len. After Japan, where I call even just classmates by their last names...now calling a professor by their first name is... whoh weird! I really appreciate Prof. Dale in NST 171. It's the MolTox lab. Turns out that he's a prof at UCSF but serves as an adjunct prof here. He teaches really clearly and you know what's happening. In NST 171 we rotate through different modules and are taught by different profs. Adapting to the new styles adn expectations of every profs take a bit of time to get used to. I'm spending 20+ hours in lab every week. Life.. is.. really lab filled.

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11 October 2008

heard of superb? well, they're a student organization on campus involved in a lot of entertainment events here on campus. last week, they organized a counting crows concert in lower sproul (i went! woo!). just a few hours ago i came back from watching wall-e, which was played in wheeler auditorium for only 3 dollars. let me tell ya, it was an enlightening movie. the story revolves around a trash compactor of the future who lives on a desolate, trashed, overpolluted earth. he finds a fellow robot who he has a crush on, and together they travel the universe and stumble upon human population, which has degraded into a society of flubbery, obese bodies completely dependent on advanced technology.

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09 October 2008


All but 1 of the 8 classes I need to complete as part of my AOI (which also includes courses that satisfy the remainder of my university & college requirements) are NOT OFFERED this coming spring! Why does this suck? Because I would like to get everything done in 2 years and this is jeopardizing that possibility. Am I just going to end up wasting a semester? And who's to say that they would even show up again the following semester or even year?! Who knows how long my graduation may be delayed! What makes it worse is that after talking to my major advisor and other people in my major, they all seemed to agree that classes tend to be flaky like that, especially the classes for CRS majors! It's just frustrating...because now I don't know what to do next semester!

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07 October 2008

Chem 3BL

I am taking Chem 3BL this semester. For those of you who are not science majors, Chem 3BL is the lab course accompanying the second semester of organic chemistry. It is worth 2 units, but you have to put 10+ hours into it each week. Sounds ridiculous, huh? Let me show you the math. So each week, you would spend about 4 hours doing the experiment, and another hour sitting in the lab lecture where the instructor talks about techniques and theories used in organic chemistry laboratories. That’s already 5 hour there. Then you would spend 3-4 hours working on your lab report, answering supplemental questions and assigning NMR spectra. On top of these, you have to spend another 2-3 hours reading for the lab you are going to do next week and completing the pre-lab exercises. If you are planning to take Chem 3BL next semester, do think if you are able to put in this amount of time on top of you other classes and extracurricular activities. And it is actually not a bad idea to take the lecture part first and then do the lab. This way, you will know all the reactions and possibly do better!

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04 October 2008

october update

im sitting in the security monitor booth at norton right now, and although i have tons and tons of homework to do, i'm in the blogging mood. so anyway, why am i sitting in a security monitor booth? BECAUSE I'M A SECURITY MONITOR! wooohoo. for a seemingly simple job, its actually been a long road to get here. I've applied 3 times; the first time my application was lost, the second time the hiring coordinator had already hired enough people, and i guess third time's a charm because here i am :)

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03 October 2008

Gaining wisdom through others' experience

As a junior, I've been very concerned with what I'm going to do after Berkeley. As I may have already stated, I'm switching over to the CRS major with a focus on environmental education & ecology. Some careers I'm quite interested in are teaching at the college level, restoration ecologist and possibly law. With this looming over my head, I've decided to ask those who have already been in my situation and discovered their true calling. I began with interviewing my professors. Along the way, I've found numerous other resources of experienced wisdom including GSI's and class presenters who were in a field I was interested in. At each opportunity, I would jump onto asking for a couple minutes, maybe over coffee (although I myself don't drink coffee), to go over their educational and career paths that brought them to where they are today.

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03 October 2008

Where does the time go?

Talk about a long time, but time here at Cal really does fly by pretty quickly. It seems like just yesterday I was moving in and now I’m taking mid-terms (the SECOND mid-term for Chem 1A is in about 2 weeks). If I could do anything different I would probably space out my classes rather than being clumped in a couple of days. My schedule is that on Tuesday and Thursday I only have 1 class and on Monday and Friday, I only have 2-3 classes. But dang when Wednesday hits…It hits really hard. I have classes from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm with about 3, 1-hour brakes that are often spent eating or getting ready for my next class. The thing is that all my homework is due on Wednesday so I spend all of Tuesday and up to the wee cracks of dawn doing lab write ups and other assorted work.

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01 October 2008

Is that really 100%?

For my microbial biology major, I'm taking Techniques in Light Microscopy, which is an upper division elective PMB course. There's one hour of lab each week where we get to use different microscopy techniques to look at everyday items. For example, today we practiced polarized light microscopy (PLM) and looked at corn starch, cellulose, and sand. Then, we looked at Safeway's 100% Parmesan Cheese. It was definitely not 100% cheese. Using the microscope, we saw that it was more like 30% cheese. What's the other 70%? Starch and cellulose. The ingredients list on the parmesan shaker does list cellulose, but does not mention starch. What if you were allergic to corn starch?

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