October 30, 2008 10:13 PM

A Week Since

Well, it's been a little over a week since my last midterm this "season." (I do have another on Nov. 6th, but it won't be as hardcore as what I've had since the end of September). I, like many others at CNR and elsewhere, have survived midterms. It can, and must for that matter, be done. Up to this point I hadn't really had a difficult midterm schedule (I arrived at Cal in Fall '07) but now I know what it's like; now I know what everyone has been talking and stressing out about. The rest of this post will be a bit rant-ish, so read at your own discretion. What follows is what I've had going on. I know others have probably had a lot more to deal with and I give them all the credit in the world; while others have had it easier than I. Relative to what I've been used to, midterms were tough this go around.

So I guess first thing's first: my schedule. This semester, my class load looks like the following:

  • Natural Resource Economics
  • Introductory Applied Econometrics
  • Psychology and Economics
  • The Southern Border (an "American Cultures" class)
The following is what I've been up to since the end of September (at least the stuff I can remember); this is how it started:
I had a problem set1 due in Econometrics on Sept. 30 along with a midterm review session for The Southern Border that night from 6-8. The exam in that class was two days later (not too bad though), October 2, a day which a different problem set was due for Psychology and Economics. The following week (10/6-10/10) no assignments were due, though I was still working on stuff for the forthcoming week (10/13-10/17).

On Tuesday (10/14), another problem was set due in Econometrics as well as one in Natural Resource Economics and a midterm review session (from 5-7pm) for the midterm that would follow. On October 16 I had a midterm in Natural Resource Economics along with a problem set due in Psychology and Economics. Friday, 10/17, there was a review session for the then upcoming midterm in Introductory Applied Econometrics that was from 6:00-7:45pm (for some reason, I thought it started at 7pm and missed over half of it! lol).

The following Tuesday (10/21), I had a midterm at 9:30am in Introductory Applied Econometrics and another at 12:30pm in Psychology and Economics. So yeah, that's about it. It might not sound like much, but it was. I was at school more hours a week than in any previous semesters. It sure felt good to be done. It wasn't exactly what I expected, but it worked.

Although it'd been pretty nice not really working on assignments or studying, I felt kind of awkward not doing school related stuff. Luckily, assignments are starting back up. Two problem sets are on their way.

1 For those of you who don't know (or aren't lucky enough to be in an econ related major (I say this half-jokingly)), a problem set is not an ordinary assignment that can be done in an hour or two (at least for me). They're typically around 8-10 pages in length (typed) (again, at least for me). The problem set for Natural Resource Economics was an ink-depleting 21 pages not including 2 additional pages of hand written math and graphs. I'm attaching a short preview of the Natural Resource Economics problem set: EEP102 PS1_Partial. This particular one had 10 questions with multiple parts. I'm only showing about 1/5 of solutions in this particular .pdf and have not included any of the interpretations.

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