October 15, 2008 12:52 PM

And it's here

Oh Joy!!! It's the tail end of midterm season here at Cal. The students are stressed, tired, and live in the library. I for the past two weeks have watched people pull all nighters and run around with their face in a textbook and not had to worry about midterms until....yesterday. Now it's my turn to cram too much knowledge into my head. I was emailed my take home midterm which is expected to be 10 pages....single spaced yesterday for next week due the day before my other midterm. That I can live with but I also got new requirements for my presentation this morning for tomorrow...yah thanks for the timely notice. But I'm going to take everything one thing at a time in order to keep myself sane. On the fun side of life it's been sunny outside...yay!!

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