October 22, 2008 4:20 PM

Career Center: Career Exploration

In the spirit of fully using my resources, I followed Susan Kishi's advice and set up an appointment with one of the career counselors at the Career Center today. The career center really is as far as it looks on the map; I panicked halfway there because I wasn't sure whether I'd passed it or not. However, it does happen to have a flag in front of it that says "Career Center," so it isn't actually very difficult to find.

Although I scheduled a 15-minute appointment, my counselor actually ended up talking to me for 25! Truth be told, after talking to him, I was even more confused, because he opened up my possibilities. I expect that this'll all make more sense to me after I take one of the tests that help students find direction.

The career center's a nice place despite how far it is; if you want to make an appointment, however, do it soon! There's a three-week waiting list for the 45-minute appointments, which are needed if you want to take one of those aforementioned tests.

I'm kind of worried again. What if I end up wanting to be something totally out of my discipline, like a fashion magazine editor? Unfortunately, just about any girl who's watched 13 going on 30 or The Devil Wears Prada wants to be a fashion magazine editor, and there just aren't enough great fashion magazines to go around.

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