October 27, 2008 9:49 PM

Don't know what classes to take

My telebears is coming up in two days and I haven't decided what combination of classes to take. For sure I am taking upper div EEP classes, but not so sure how many.
Right now I'm taking EEP100, History 14, and PoliSci 1. I'm finding it a little hard to switch between EEP and PoliSci/History and after this semester I only have 1 lower div requirement left . I'm thinking whether to have all EEP classes next semester. Should I do pure econ or mix it with some PoliSci upper divs? I usually give advices on Fresh Faces, but I think this time I need some advice =o

I'll update this blog once I made a decision. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


I have decided to stick to my original plan, which was 3 upper div EEP and Ethnic Studies 21AC. I signed up for all three EEP classes during my phase I (101, 142, 162). I realized then it would be hard to take PoliSci upper divs because I'm not declared for that major yet.

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Comments (1)

Hey John, I hope you've made your decision by now. Since, well, your Phase I is probably already over. As far as EEP is concerned, will you be taking 101 or 102? If you're planning on 101, that's offered in the Spring. 102 is only offered in the Fall. It doesn't seem like there are many options for next semester, so I hope you find what you're looking for. I personally wouldn't take all Econ based courses. I always find that balance is better than not. I'll probably make a post (sometime or other) of my most enjoyable EEP classes (and classes in general) to date.

Posted by Juan | 2008-10-31

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