October 25, 2008 10:37 PM

Everything is a Poison!

This is under the Suggestions and Advice category because I'm advising you to NOT ingest things in unreasonable quantities. Just.. don't.. do.. it.


According to Reuters, an unwise student decided to unreasonably ingest food during a competition which caused his subsequent death. Anything can kill you given a dose, though mechanism of action may not always be obvious. For example, a piano can kill you by dropping on you. Or, a spider could scare you to death.

So the main point is.... don't over eat fast food, don't over drink water, don't do those 21 shots of alcohol during your 21st birthday, don't drink 48 cups of coffee in 10 min...etc.

Stupidity (e.g. showing off, peer pressure) kills.

If you do want to put something into your body... go get a flu shot for free this tuesday (Oct 28) through the Berkeley public health clinic. It's free! It's not dangerous (but you can pretend it is). and.. its good for you/community.

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