October 3, 2008 10:58 PM

Gaining wisdom through others' experience

As a junior, I've been very concerned with what I'm going to do after Berkeley. As I may have already stated, I'm switching over to the CRS major with a focus on environmental education & ecology. Some careers I'm quite interested in are teaching at the college level, restoration ecologist and possibly law. With this looming over my head, I've decided to ask those who have already been in my situation and discovered their true calling. I began with interviewing my professors. Along the way, I've found numerous other resources of experienced wisdom including GSI's and class presenters who were in a field I was interested in. At each opportunity, I would jump onto asking for a couple minutes, maybe over coffee (although I myself don't drink coffee), to go over their educational and career paths that brought them to where they are today.

I cannot tell you how beneficial a resource other people really are! These people have been exactly where I am and have gotten through it, each in their own unique way. Their experiences have opened my eyes to the options available to me and potential ways of discovering my true path.
Bottomline, if you are interested in taking my advice, here are some of the questions I asked:
1. Where did you get your undergraduate education?
2. What was your major and why?
3. Did you have any internships or special projects during your undergrad experience?
If so, what did you get out of it?
4. What did you do after you completed your undergrad education and why?
5. Where did you get your graduate education?
6. What was your focus then & why?
7. What career did you go into and why?
8. In regards to your career, how are the following:
a. financial stability
b. job security
c. ability to travel
9. Are you happy waking up for work every morning?

Best of luck!

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