October 4, 2008 1:41 AM

october update

im sitting in the security monitor booth at norton right now, and although i have tons and tons of homework to do, i'm in the blogging mood. so anyway, why am i sitting in a security monitor booth? BECAUSE I'M A SECURITY MONITOR! wooohoo. for a seemingly simple job, its actually been a long road to get here. I've applied 3 times; the first time my application was lost, the second time the hiring coordinator had already hired enough people, and i guess third time's a charm because here i am :)

so far, i feel like i'm definitely enjoying school a lot more than last year. although people say your first year is all about getting accustomed to your new surroundings and meeting people in your dorms, i felt like by doing just that i was missing out on college life in general. last year i spent most of my free time hanging out with hallmates, going to class, and honestly...just sitting in my dormroom. and when i reflect on how i spent my time, i feel almost disappointed that i didn't go out and do more things. i was motivated to do things, applied to lots of things/ tried out lots of things (running club, tri club, dragonboating, calso, volunteering, summer med program) but got rejected, discouraged, and became unmotivated. and so in the end the only extracirriculars i did do were volunteering for the tang center and mentoring at emerson, which-to be frank- were not as fulfilling to me as i had hoped they would be. this year, ive been involved in a lot more activities/clubs. i decided to stick with triathlon, started to mentor for TAL, am doing research with a professor in nutrisci, and i'm finally employed (I will elaborate on all of these when I get the time). being committed to all these programs/ activities has made me feel like i'm getting so much more out of my life than i was last year.
will update later

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