October 23, 2008 1:30 PM

Tele-Bears made easy!!!

Well for me my Tele-bears appointment is kind of late…November 3-4. The thing about Tele-bears is that it is so frustrating to plan out all your classes and labs and other stuff and if you’re lucky have no conflicts. The one thing I told myself was that there was no way I would have another 8 am class, however that never followed through. Next semester I will have an 8 am class every Tuesday and Thursday and on top of that it is O-Chem. and its 90 minutes. I wish I could take the 2-3:30 pm, but that conflicts with another class I need. Now back to my point Tele-Bears can be made easy and maybe fun...yah right. This is a website that is sooooo helpful in planning my schedule. You input all the classes and times that you want and it generates multiple schedules.

It’s so awesome and they have certain features in case you want classes back-to-back or far apart or if you want them early in the morning or late in the day. Check it out because it’s super helpful and you will definitely reuse in later semesters.


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Comments (1)

hahaha, I'm going to be in that class, too... KILLER. If anyone else is reading this, Aman's Interface is pretty good for scheduling, too - but I'll try that frozeninflames site.

Posted by Katarina Makmuri | 2008-10-23

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