October 28, 2008 7:13 PM


hey all,

I'm at work right now. its 7:14 pm and I've got a lot of studying to do. There was a really big mix up about my work schedule tonight. I'm a SM at unit 3 and told a co-worker I could could cover her shift from 6-10. Then, I told another coworker that I could cover her today, because she sent out a request for help that I though was TOMORROW, but it turned out to be today. Oh boy. To make matters more confusing, It turns out I had class during the first hour of both shifts, so I had another friend to cover for the shift I was already covering. Things got messy, and basically I came to my shift late, and caused a lot of unncessary confusion. This is stress does to me I guess!

Speaking of stress, pretty much all of my classes have been really tough on me. Everything from Math to Chem to Physio to Stats. The hardest of these classes is no doubt Chem. Then physio. My advice to everyone taking chem...KEEP UP WITH LECTURE! As soon as you fall behind in class, you whirlwind into a heck of a lot of confusion :T not fun. okay, well its time for me to figure out what my classe are going to be next semester, i have telebears tomorrow! yikes!

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