October 3, 2008 2:22 AM

Where does the time go?

Talk about a long time, but time here at Cal really does fly by pretty quickly. It seems like just yesterday I was moving in and now I’m taking mid-terms (the SECOND mid-term for Chem 1A is in about 2 weeks). If I could do anything different I would probably space out my classes rather than being clumped in a couple of days. My schedule is that on Tuesday and Thursday I only have 1 class and on Monday and Friday, I only have 2-3 classes. But dang when Wednesday hits…It hits really hard. I have classes from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm with about 3, 1-hour brakes that are often spent eating or getting ready for my next class. The thing is that all my homework is due on Wednesday so I spend all of Tuesday and up to the wee cracks of dawn doing lab write ups and other assorted work.

For me the thing that I dread the most, and probably many other biology majors, is doing Chemistry labs. It is not that Chem lab is difficult, but geez I have never meet anybody who enjoys 4 hours of straight up Chemistry. It seems that in the discussion section time slows down at a ridiculous pace but for some reason the actual experiment portion goes by quickly. Hmmm….It seems that I despise Chem discussion rather than lab, which is a good quality I suppose. No matter what happens, however, I am still content that I have chosen Chem IA in the fall because it is a very popular class and on my floor alone 13 people ( > 1/3 of the floor) are taking the class so It is really easy to get help in case you’re stuck on a concept and need help. I have also found out that when I’m stressed mocha ice-cream helps a lot even though I am below on meal points =)

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its the same thing over here in trinidad, time flys very,very,very fast ;time wates on no one .The subject chemistry is one of the tuffest subjects which deals with substances and the ways in which they react with one another and also deals with chemical struture properties,and reaction.Well i am looking up on ;how to become a dietician but while looking through that i found this ;college of natured resources UNIVERSITY CALIFONIA BERKLY and so far i read from different bloggers it is sounding very interesting to me ,so its nice reading your bloog and hope you past all of your subjects so you can go on to do your career in life.The only person who can make you past all your subject ,that only one person is god,prayer ,prayer prayer he will answer your prayers good bye and thank you for sharing your bloog to others.

Posted by angel | 2008-10-10

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