November 15, 2008 11:23 PM

HSI-Health Service Internship
Reflecting on this past semester which is almost coming to an end( finals :( .....) I am very grateful that I chose to do this internship. It is part of the HMAP program and provides an experience that usual undergrad students cannot see in a research or hospital environment. Since HSI's mission centers around public health in different communities, I had the chance of learning about non-profit organizations and their roles in addressing the different issues in a community. For my internship site, I am working with EPIC, which focuses on prevention and education about youth conerning alochol and tobacco issues. Furthermore, I got to shadow another intern during the semester to understand the wide range that public health encompasses.

This site was involved with nutritinal aspect ( good for NS majors!) specifically centered around people who have breast cancer, and those with HIV/AIDS. It really amazed me how so many different issues could go on in just one community. Furthermore, the need to constantly get funding, legislation for support, education about the issues, convinced me that public health is very much needed. In other words, even though the field of medicine is gaining popularity-doctors, pharmacists, etc-- public health sector is also important when discussing the well-being of people. That is why I hope to travel around globally and continue the public health mission. If you want to learn more, go to the website !

I received an email about mcb 32/ IB 132. It's not a program, but a class. You can sign up via schedule of classes during your telebears phase.

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and what diploma you given? or can be certified? or is it just a course that you have passed and all?! i think about same education in next year -- Alina Morgen

Posted by Alina Morgen | 2008-11-17

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