November 4, 2008 4:07 PM

Inopportune Times

Isn't it just awesome when family crises coincide with peak times in course curricula? I have just spent the past 5 days in Colorado for such an event of which was emotionally, mentally and physically exhausting. What's worse is that even though I'm now separated from it by 2 other states, I still feel like I'm back there. And as much as I want to focus on my upcoming midterm and various research projects and papers, it's proving to be the most difficult feat at the moment. I don't mean to be selfish but my education is important to me, especially since this is my first semester and I'm just getting the hang of things. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has gone through this and similarly everything probably worked out just fine for them. I'm hopeful that it will turn out the same for me.

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Sorry to hear about the tough times. Even though I don't know what you're going through (please don't elaborate as I'm sure it's a private matter), I can say that things will get better. I think that that's a good outlook and perspective with which to look at the world.

I had some troubling times last semester--which, looking back on, were scarier than I understood at the time--but things calmed down. Things get better. At times it may be tough, but you have to look for and appreciate the good things in all situations. I wish you the best. I, too, am a transfer student and know it can be somewhat difficult making the adjustment. You'll be able to handle it though. You're here for a reason (as I have come to believe of myself); the school chose you for what they saw in you--your ability, determination, and adaptability--and for their belief that you do belong.

I know it's not much, but, again, things will get better. Also, the Tang Center has GREAT help for students going through tough times. There are many people and services here at UC Berkeley that are ready and willing to help. Take care!

Posted by Juan | 2008-11-05

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