November 1, 2008 1:56 AM

make sure you sign up for lab along with ur chem class!

happy halloween! hope yall are having a great night. i saw some pretty awesome costomues on campus today; a few superheroes (lots of super(wo)men, tigger, and a mime to name a few). my halloween was quite uneventful to be honest. i was called in to work since my boss had stressed that we were short of staff members on that day (i wonder why..) originally i wasnt planing to work, but since no one else stepped up I decided to take one for the team and worked on the night when everyone else went partying. it wasnt that bad though, my shift was shortened becaues another staff member could take my place.
on a completely random note, i realized i made a stupid mistake and didnt sign up for chem 3b lab for next semester. i searched "chem 3b" thinking that the lab would automatically appear on the schedule, but it turns out you have to specifically request "chem 3bL <---make sure to include that "L" its very important). since i forgot to do that, i made the mistake of thinking that for some reason chem labs were not open for sign up...big mistake. by the time i realized i had made a mistake, there were already >100 people on the waiting list just to get in the lab. i couldn't even get on the waiting list because it was full. bummer, huh? i guess its physics for me next semester.

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