November 26, 2008 1:20 PM

paying it forward

Have you heard of Taste of Himalayas? It's a restaurant ( Nepalian I think) that serves free meals on sundays, which is the staff's way of showing gratitude to others for sharing their kindness. You just walk in there, they give you a meal, and it costs zero dollars. The catch, or what they are aiming for, is that you in return, do something nice by giving back and continue to help others. This whole thing got me thinking- "pay it forward" is, you might have heard, a concept that people ideally, will spread the "gift of giving". I really find it misleading that it's a called a concept or theory or idea. I mean, shouldn't this act of generosity be natural and instinctive? Of course, there are many people/authors who disagree with my statement. But, if you want get the experience yourself, yea, you should go! It's on north side, next to party sushi. For me, Taste of the Himalays was a great experience and it made me feel really full and satisfied.

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