November 14, 2008 10:10 AM

Planning Ahead for Summer

Yes, I know it seems a bit earlier to start thinking about summer plans, but a lot of internship programs actually start recruiting now. I really don't know what I'm going to do this summer. My dad wants to bring me and my siblings on a tour of China, but I really can't afford to slack off the entire summer. Maybe I can convince my dad to bring us to Arizona for a few days, instead. He's always talking about bringing us to see the "beautiful rocks" there. Anyways, here are my tentative plans for summer:

- Take MCB 102
I know a lot of advisors say summer school isn't always the best way to spend your summer, but in this case I think it's valid. MCB 102 is one of the hardest classes here at Cal, but I heard that it's much more do-able over the summer. I'm just going to take this one class, so even if it's killer, I only have to concentrate on that one course. MCB 102 is an eight-week course over the summer and for the summer of 2009, it's going to be from June 22nd to August 14th. Since spring semester ends on May 21st, I'll have an entire month before plunging into more school work! :) Also, next fall semester doesn't start until August 20th, so I'll have about a week to relax.

To complete the above plan, I need to...
- Convince my dad to change vacation plans -- The month between the end of spring semester and the beginning of summer school would be perfect to go on a mini-vacation. Unfortunately, my sister's high school term doesn't end until June 17th. Maybe we could go to Arizona from June 18th to June that too short? It takes around 5 hours to get to Phoenix from Irvine. Hopefully, we're going to just within the border of Arizona, which would cut the driving time down to 3 hours. So, I'm probably going to go home right after spring semester, go on the mini vacation, fly back to Berkeley on the night of the 21st, and go to class the next day. That sounds a bit rushed...hmm...another idea! Maybe we could go to Arizona on Memorial Day weekend!!! We could leave for Arizona on Friday the 22nd right after my siblings get out of school, spend the weekend there, and drive back Monday night. Traffic's probably going to be bonding time! So now I just have to decide between those two plans...also, depends on my dad's and siblings' schedules.

- Get a research/lab position -- I've realized that my chances of getting a research or lab position are the best here at Cal. Since it's summer, I should be able to devote more time to the position, too.

Other than those two plans, maybe I'll volunteer at the Tang Center and work a bit. Cross your fingers and wish me luck!

Anyways, CNR movie night this coming Wednesday! Wall-E and free pizza!!!!!!

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