November 30, 2008 12:23 AM

Re-targeting advertising?

This article talks about how parents are writing to toy companies to try to get the companies to strop advertising to the children and to switch the target to parents. These parents say that it is unfair of the companies to make the children have the desire to have something that the parents cannot afford. Also, the parents are loathe to let their children feel different at school because they lack an item. I believe that these parents are strongly misguided. If the children are being made fun of at school because they don't have something, they should teach the children that its okay to be different. By simply delaying this lesson, the kids are only going to have a more difficult time adjusting when they hit puberty when life becomes so much more difficult. If the children are being made fun of because they don't have something, society should be stepping in and teaching them that material wealth is not what makes happiness. These parents are just as misguided as their children and believe that material things will being their kids real joy over the course of their lives. In the article, there is a example of a mother being willing to prostitute herself in order to afford certain toys for her child. What in the world!??!!! That's just teaching her child that prostitution is alright...indiscriminate sex is alright...for the sake of instant gratification. What happened to teaching about delayed gratification? It's... sad how our society is completely warped. Somehow...I just don't feel sorry for these families who can't buy as many toys for their children as before. They can still afford toys. If you're able to afford these excess items, you're still doing pretty well in comparison to the rest of the world.

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