November 14, 2008 2:27 PM

SAF Convention

I came back from the Society of American Foresters national convention last week. There was a lot that happened, but suffice it to say, I had an awesome time. I met some really cool people, learned a lot about forestry, and got some questions answered about career paths. I also handed out a bunch of resumes (hooray, job search!) and collected a lot of business cards. I also got to look around Reno a bit (although I didn't get to do much sight-seeing).

What really struck me about the SAF convention was the breadth and depth of information people were presenting. There were presentations on the impact of climate change on trees, how to properly manage for aspen, strategies in environmental education...there were just so many subjects covered. It was too bad that I wasn't able to go to all of them.

I was able to talk to a few people about urban forestry, and how it is a field that is really growing now. As the world becomes increasingly more urbanized, work in the urban sector of all sorts is increasing in prominence. Working with urban trees provides different opportunities and different challenges compared to working in the field. It's really quite a fascinating subject; I have to think more about my place in it.

I got pretty sick at the convention, though. I was out with a fever for a couple days, and had to rest in my hotel room. The rest of the convention, I had a slight upset stomach, but nothing too bad. I really enjoyed hanging out with my fellow foresters, though. There were 32 of us at the convention, almost double the number last year! A pretty awesome turnout.

I really wish I had my camera to take pictures, but there's some problems with that right now. Ah well, hopefully I can get that fixed up soon enough.

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