November 15, 2008 12:37 AM

some events to check out

berkeley project is tomorrow! i heard about it last year, but did not get around to signing up. i'm excited to get some hands on comm service though, i haven't really done that since high school. my site is James Kenney Park. I'm going to be helping out with things like sand sifting (so the sand is more comfortable for kids to play in), kill some ivy, clean up the park in stuff! This is the schedule:

8:00--Registration (free breakfast and free t-shirt provided!)
8:30--Depart for projects
9:00--Arrive at Site; Safety/Education Orientation
9:20-9:30--Work begins
12:00-1:00--Lunch will be delivered within this hour and will last for
forty minutes
~1:00--Back to work
2:00-3:30--Work ends
2:00-5:00--Celebration: closing ceremony with jump house, DJ and a chance
to win prizes

i'm pretty stoked about the free t shirt...and the closing celebration (how often do you get to party after doing comm service?) oh and of course, the outreach :) it feels good to give back to the community, and i hope to join a community service club sometime this semester

for more info: berkeley project:

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