November 30, 2008 12:33 AM

thanksgiving recap

oh joy. it's that time of the year again, holiday season! quick update:

1) i got pretty sick last week and lost my voice. i couldn't talk for a good 2 days. it was pretty annoying to not be able to communicate vocally, but as silly as this sounds it was pretty fun. being able to be act as soleley a listener gave a new twist to the day and a newfound apprecation for spoken sound.

2)turkey was yum. i'd never cooked turkey before but this break i helped my mum marinate a big fat ol turkey with salt, veggie oil, meat seasoning, n garlic salt. pretty darn tasty! at first i was a little disappointed my sister had chosen to spend thanksgiving with her boyfriend down in LA, but luckily she made it back in time to have dinner with us :) our tg meal was followed up with a late night showing of i, robot. it was a decent movie (at least the half that i saw before i fell asleep) but a bit too unrealistic for me so it was hard for me to take it seriously.

3) one thing that i love about my hometown is that the ymca here has treadmills with tvs on them, so you can work off those holiday pounds while being entertained by the tele! my viewing selection for the day was bring it on, which surprisingly...was much more entertaining than i thought. at first, i found myself rolling my eyes at the ridiculous cliques and riduculous stereotypical cheerleader acting, but some of the lines were really feisty, and i was thoroughly entertained during my stay :)
4) being at home for the holidays really does make you fatter. its only been a few days that i've been back at home but i can already feel those holiday pounds coming in. i've realized that i do a lot of snacking when trying to procrastinate on my hw, and end up getting up from my statistics hw every 10 minutes to nibble on something in the kitchen, which is (unfortunately) loaded with holiday chocolate, banana bread, ice cream, waffles...basically sugar and fat waiting to be consumed in its finest forms. hooray. my dear rsf, i will be seeing you soon.

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