November 26, 2008 8:14 AM

You got so much, so Give!

There was a recent blood drive...Cal vs. StanfUrd. The.. other school won. ::shakes head::

Anyways. Take this season to GIVE some blood. 1 out of 3 people has O blood, but the Stanfurd blood center is still low on O. You O people out there! Let's give some blood! Don't let those B+, A+ and AB+ people beat us. And you B-, A-, and AB- people, don't have an inferiority complex to those pluses. Come give blood. Check out the inventory here.
We'll have eaten lots of food and meat... high on nutrients, so we definitely have enough blood to give. Blood banks are open all this week. Just head in with your family and friends. Make it part of your Thanksgiving tradition. Go for it!!!!

If you feel like... oh.. you don't want to give so much blood.. then give plasma! then... by the time winter vacation rolls around, you'll can give again! yay!

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