December 4, 2008 11:13 AM


One of the terrible realities of college is that sometimes (or a lot of the time) you fall behind. You don't take care of all the different responsibilities and obligations you had, and things start sliding off your table. Sooner or later you get to the point where you know you won't get to sleep that night because you have something due the next day. This is what happened to me Tuesday night.

I took the week off for Thanksgiving, and was home from Sunday the 23rd to Sunday the 30th. I told myself that I would get some work done, but (surprise, surprise), didn't get much done. This is another terrible reality of college: home during break is a no-schoolwork-zone. Although I did enjoy my Thanksgiving break, I had to face the consequences of putting things off. So that's how I found myself on Tuesday night, about to start my soil science paper that was due the next morning at 10. Incidentally, the paper was assigned the 14th, which also speaks to my lack of foresight and planning.

I drank a free can of energy drink I got at the RSF (yay Festivus!), and went off. I looked around on Google Scholar, Wikipedia, JSTOR, all on the effects of earthquakes on soils in the Berkeley area. I found some good leads, but started to get bogged down by details. Eventually I left the library and went home, where I could get up from my computer and use the bathroom without fear of logging off (who decided to put the computer lab in the basement and the bathrooms on the 4th floor in Moffitt??)

I ended up playing games on my computer until around 4. By 6, I was so brain-tired (the caffeine had already run out), that I just decided to dial it in and finish what I had. I started scouring different sites for abstracts that sounded like they fit my topic, exporting citations left and right into RefWorks. The paper turned out to be under the page limit, did not fit the required format, and was amateurish in writing. In short, it was the worst paper I've ever written at college.

But hey, it's cool. This is my last semester, I'm pretty sure I have a solid B in that class, and the paper is only worth 10% of the final grade. But now...onto finals.

Happy Studying, all!

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