December 11, 2008 12:59 PM

Finals Crunch

I'm starting to feel the debilitating effects of procrastination. I start checking digg, facebook, and g-mail rabidly; and then I progress to casual game sites, daily webcomics, and the Psychology Today website.


I have Chemistry and Math 16A finals on Saturday. I know I can pull both of them off with an A as long as I study, but I am having a VERY, VERY hard time with that right now.

My book is right in front of me. Why can't I do this? Fear of failure? I guess I have to crunch through everything one problem at a time, one page a time. Even if I can only accomplish one problem or one page every 20 minutes, it's a lot more progress than the quick skim I'd have to do late, late Friday night if this procrastination keeps up.

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