December 17, 2008 2:03 PM

Food in the house

Sigh, everytime my brother or I cook my room starts smelling like food. My room is directly next door to the stove, about 2 feet away... yes, that close! My room doesn't even have a door either since it is actually meant to be a "den" as they call it (or just lounge). So whatever is cooking in the kitchen goes to my room =/ .Food does smell good, but it gets annoying after a while.

Just an hour ago I fried garlic and onions for my corned beef (no, not the Crossroads version). It's really easy to make, probably a maximum of 10 mins from preparation to end. Corned-beef is one of the first dishes I learned to cook myself since it's fast and extremely easy (though I failed it once when I found out I'm out of corned-beef and used Spam instead.... DO NOT USE SPAM!) .


1 tbsp cooking oil
2 cloves of garlic, minced
1/2 onion, sliced
1 can of corned beef
optional: 1/2 potato, square pieces

Amount of garlic and onion can vary, I usually put more garlic since I like my food garlic-y. Adding potatoes makes it longer to cook. For the corned beef, Palm is the best brand for it.
Chunks of meat, juicy, and very flavorful though fattier than most other brands. A little more expensive too, but worth the taste.

As for cooking, heat the pan and oil. Once oil is hot enough, fry the garlic (I usually put a small piece to see if the oil is hot enough for frying). Let the garlic turn slightly brown, then mix in onion (or if you're including potatoes, cook that first.. potatoes take a while to cook, make sure it is cooked before mixing the onion so you don't overcook it). Then mix the corned beef with the rest. If you want the onions to be fresh and crunchy you can put it after the corned beef.

Serve hot, and with rice =D (bread works fine too)

I'm quite sure most of us are sick of dorm food and miss our home-cooked meals. But now that winter break is coming, there's plenty of time to learn other dishes. Ask your parents how to make your favorite meal or just experiment on your own. Cooking will come in handy once you start living in your apartment. Or for those already living in apartments, it'll save you a lot of money to make your own food. Don't be afraid to chop with a knife and don't worry if your first dish doesn't turn out well (speaking of dishes not turning out well.. anyone here knows how to make tempura as good as restaurant's? I've tried making it a lot of times already but no good :(

It's also a good time to buy yourselves cooking utensils/pans if you don't have them already in your apartment. (actually I brought them when I was at the dorms last year.. had kitchen knife hidden in my room =O ). I think it's pretty good investment since these things last long and you can use them even after college.

Anyways this is getting lengthy.. so I'll end here.

Happy cooking!

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