December 26, 2008 12:28 AM

Leaving the dorms and Break

Even though I have been done with school since last Wednesday, I did not leave for home until Saturday morning in order for my parent’s pick-up of me to be more convenient. Well I don’t regret leaving late because I had an awesome time with my friends who had their Math 1A final on Friday night. After they finished their final we all immediately went around Berkeley and hit up at least seven shops and feasted upon ice cream, burritos, frozen yogurt and plenty of doughnuts. Later that night we watched plenty of youtube until 3 am and it was all a blast. Early the next morning I packed and having a couple of hours went to the street fair on Telegraph and bought a fossil for my little brother and just toured around the place. Back at my dorm, I had to defrost the fridge and unplug all the appliances and just stared outside my window and glared at downtown Oakland and the Bay and felt an uneasy sadness about leaving behind Cal even though it was for only a month. My farewell was pretty somber since I was the last to leave my hall so I just left my dorm with the only noise being that of my ipod.

Being back home has been fun, but kind of lonely for the fact that my parents left for Mexico in order to see my extended family so it is just my brother and I. Even though I have been with my friends through out the week it still saddens me because I live in the middle of nowhere and I miss having my friends only a couple of feet away in another room. Trying to be productive I have purchased my books and materials for Chem. 3A and Environmental Science 10 which in total has only cost me $200, which is still not even close to how much I paid for Chem. 1A (and on top of that O-Chem. comes in a package with solutions manual, model kit and chemportal). But at last my lowest point came when I was so bored that I was studying Calculus for fun…I know pretty sad and I’m not even taking math next semester. Well writing this killed a couple of minutes :)

I was going to write Merry Christmas, but it is technically Dec. 26 and it is over…. so

Happy Holidays!!!!! I miss you all on floor 8 penthouse in Unit 3

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