December 14, 2008 6:33 PM

rain rain go away.... some advice....

sigh. one thing to note: when the library becomes a permanent home because your apartment always feels like an iceberg, you know you have a problem! Hint for people looking for apartments: get one that DOESN'T say "heater is provided!" in the contract nor the one on the first floor with lots of windows. The problem with that is since the landlord controls the heating system, depending on I guess, the kind of people they are, they may/may not turn on the heater! In my case, the heater is most of the time, never on! So, that is when communication with the manager comes in. So if they are nice, they'll fix the problem, in which they did, since I think one could technically sue them for not providing heat.... i don't know. But the main problem now is that even though the heater is on ( for an hour a day :( boo) , the heating system that comes with the apartment doesn't permeate/dissipate the heat into the room so that it's warm! Okay, reality, just take into consideration how worth it you think the apartment is. For instance, when you meet with you landlord and manager of the building, make sure you get to know them better and also your neighbors( to get the inside scoop, if they are nice ;) ) Furthermore, if you are on the first floor with lots of windows, it might get cold! So consider getting a portable heater from home. Most apartments in Berkeley are old houses and will tend to have the old , 60's looking heater so when apartment hunting, make sure to note how old the house is and what accommodation you are willing to put up with! Anyway, I guess going to the library these few days aren't so bad since it is finals time!

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