December 21, 2008 7:38 PM

spreading the generosity

So this rainy Sunday, my roommate and I went to volunteer for Karma Kitchen. It was a wonderful experience- everyone was kind, patient and appreciative of the love and generosity. It was a great feeling! There was so much delicious naan,yummy apple crisp and refreshing rice pudding and mango lasse. These foods were all served and shared by volunteers( including me), given to the guests. The special outcome is in hopes that everyone will pay it forward and do something kind in return for someone else. For instance, we had a karma patch in the corner where farmers gave out free organic foods and fruit. We in return, spread their kindness by continuing this cycle. It really takes one act of kindness and slowly, everyone feels good- the receiver and the giver. It was definitely a great atmosphere- no expectations, no grudges, no rudeness, just appreciation, love, and generosity. If you would like to experience this or volunteer, go ahead onto their website at They are located at Taste of the Himalayas and every Sunday for lunch, this is where it all starts and continues.

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Comments (1)

Nice! I've been wanting to participate in this. I love naan!

Posted by Juan | 2008-12-23

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