December 17, 2008 6:04 PM


HOWDY. its finals week, meaning one thing. i'm procrastinating! well class, the topic of today's note will be "beverage experimentation!"
yesterday, Angela had a chemistry review session to attend, being the good girl she is, she went a few hours early to the chemistry library to study her brains out as she has been trained to do since her years as a young'en in high school. after completing professor pederson's problem set 17, she realized she was very very cold. so, in order to fend off (is that the right word? fend off? i dont think so but i dont care either) her coldness, she left the chemistry library and ran all the way up to the tenth floor of latimer hall, hoping that by the time she came back she would be nice and toasty.

however, upon her return back to ground level, she was still a bit chilly and decided to go to the coffee lab. Now, Angela had never drinken (drunk? drinked?) coffee here at berkeley, because she knows caffeine is bad bad bad for you. But she was just so so cold, and she knew that coffee is normally warm. so, putting two and two together she decided to purchase her first cup of coffee here at school. handing over her dollar to the nice man behind the counter, angela graciously took a sip out of the cheap paper coffee cup.

"oh gosh" she said in her head, after her first sip of the lukewarm beverage. "I hate coffee!" she said as she realized why she never drinks coffee. So, she headed straight over to the sugar/cream counter and poured an excessive amount of sugar and cream into her cup. Realizing she had parted from her studies for far too long, she downed the whole drink. It was neither that tasty nor fulfilling, but it served its purpose in warming her up.

When she went home, Angela was thirsty but for some reason, did not feel like drinking water as she normally does. So, she decided to try some of an energy drink called "180" that she received at the north face endurance run that she had volunteered at. she didn't normally drink energy drinks, and felt bad after drinking half the can, so she emptied out her ice cube tray and decided to make energy drink popsicles. She tried them and within a few hours they were frozen. There were lots of little carbon dioxide bubbles in it, and whatever chemistry had taken place during the popsicle-ization of the beverage had caused the liquid to pop out of its home. Angela was very amused and studied the amazing crystalline structure that the energy drink-sicle had formed, pondering at the miracle of carbonated drinks. Then she ate them popsicles and they were delicious.

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