December 19, 2008 11:57 AM

Summer plans

Ever since Telebears 2, I have had to reorganize my schedule. So, according to my new plan, I would have to take IB 132L over the summer. However, I might also take either MCB 102 or econ/speech at a community college. I heard that MCB 102 is super hard during the Fall/ Spring but it depends on whom you ask. From what I gather, it's hard in the fall because it's more memorization involved; in the summer, the course seems to be more conceptual and the final is open book! For me, though, I am more of a memorizer so fall year would be technically, "easier."

Anyway, if you plan to take summer classes, enroll early and note that it's 254 dollars per unit!!! and a 92 one time campus fee. Note also the session you are in. Anyway, plan early because summer session tends to fill quickly.

If you are taking classes at a community college, make sure that the units are transferrable to uc berkeley- if you want credit! just got to and you can see which courses are co-listed with our school. Happy studying!!!

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