December 13, 2008 6:06 PM

telebears 2

Yes, it's weird. My telebears was unusually late this semester! I mean, don't we upperclassmen have priority? But, fortunately, I got into my classes! Here's what I'm taking:

- Bio 1A/ 1AL
-Physic 8a/ AL
- NST 114
- NST 104

Hmm.. though, I wonder if it's manageable. I heard Bio 1A is super hard and 1 AL is even more crazy- there's this lab midterm which requires you to go around for 30 or 15 seconds looking at each station of specimen under the microscope! Physics 8a, is okay depending on your background. For me, I took general phsyics so it might be challenging. So, yes, I'm going to be brushing up on my physics- haha, maybe i'll even have my sister, who's taking physics right now to teach me! ;) Furthermore, there's two professors teaching physics, one of whom is new, so that'll be interesting to see how this course plays out. But, the lab isn't bad.

Then, the two upper div classes I intend to take are electives so they should be interesting and fun! From experience, if you have two "hard" courses, try to balance it out with electives/decal/ clubs/seminars so you a) meet the minimum requirements for your college, and b) aren't going to be stressing the first day back from winter break! Good luck on finals!

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