December 10, 2008 10:39 PM

Ways to Stay Awake

Falling asleep on your textbook? I've done that a few times. I just wanted to rest my eyes for a few minutes, but I ended up taking a short nap and waking up with my face stuck to the textbook page. The short nap did revive me a bit, but what if that short nap had lasted longer? Like, a couple of hours? I know some people who study on couches and end up falling asleep for several hours. That's quite a bit of study time. So, here's my list of things you can do to stay awake while crunching for finals:

1) Drink something caffeinated
-For a while, I drank hot coffee every morning to stay awake and keep warm. After about a week or two of this, the effect of the coffee kind of wears off. Also, coffee tends to make you crash a few hours after you finish drinking it. I drank some green tea with honey today and that seemed to work quite well. I didn't crash at all and the tea made me feel completely refreshed.

2) Eat chocolate-covered espresso beans
-Another source of caffeine and a sweet treat. I generally get dark chocolate-covered espresso beans since dark chocolate's supposed to be good for you, too.
These chocolate-covered espresso beans are quite munchible, but remember that they're not M&Ms! I made that mistake once. I really wanted M&Ms around midnight, but Walgreens was closed, so I bought half a pound of chocolate-covered espresso beans from this one store...and ate all of it. I couldn't fall asleep until 5 am.

3) Take a shower
-Showers should relax you and wake you up a bit at the same time. Since your hair's going to be wet after the shower, you mind as well stay up until your hair dries.

4) Take a break
-It's pretty hard studying six hours straight. Take a few minutes to take your mind off what you're studying. A great way to reduce stress is to laugh about something. Chat with your roommate and joke around a bit.

5) Switch to another class you have to study for
-The change in topic will relieve you from the coma you've sank into while studying that one subject for so long.

6) Just go to sleep and wake up early the next day to study

Anyways, hope these suggestions work! I really should get back to studying, but I find that sometimes the more things you know you have to do, the more you dwell on little things, like arranging your pencil case...or maybe that's just me.

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Comments (2)

Don't forget that all of the dining commons have late-night finals hours with free drinks (coffee included)! Textbooks make really, really good pillows :(.

Posted by Katarina | 2008-12-11

OMG!!!! That REALLY WORKS!!!!! Thank you Victoria!!!! :)

Posted by A Real Person | 2009-04-17

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