December 19, 2008 12:13 PM

winter break plans

Now that finals are almost over, here's what I plan to do over the break- besides of course, sleeping tons and eating lots of food, I really want to be productive as well. Here's what I set out to accomplish:

1. make teramisou cake
2. make pad Thai ( cus I love thai food!)- including the yummy sauce( which I heard is pretty hard to produce), and the peanut sauce
3. think of new foods I can eat over the school semester( since I lived off pasta, frozen veggies, and toast this whole 4 months here).
4. watch movies
5. volunteer
6. family

These are not numbered in terms of priority just a list of random things I want to do before we have to get back to school again. What are yours? Any traveling? Vacation? There should be tons of snow now, given the horrible, cold, windy, weather we've been having- surprised I am not sick yet( knock on wood....) Well enjoy your break ! I plan to volunteer for karma kitchen organization( taste of the Himalayas place) this Sunday so look for a post on that!!!

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