December 6, 2008 1:32 PM

yummy thanksgiving

Now that break is over, I keep sitting here in my apartment forlornly wishing I could go back home again =( Thanksgiving break was very refreshing- seeing old friends and family was much needed. In fact, the most wonderful thing besides the huge ochem report (grrrr) was thanksgiving dinner, we didn't have turkey, which is fine, Then, thanksgiving day got me thinking: the origin of thanksgiving dates back to the pilgrims and Native Americans "rejoicing and embracing eachother" (yet of course, that story as we all should know, is very much far awaaaay from the truth.) So, for me, thanksgiving is the mere appreciation of all that has been, still is, and will be. Anyway, back to the story: My family had a homecooked meal with ham and cranberry sauce, yummy potatoes with a cinammon-yam sauce to top it off ( though we put to much cinnamon..oops :) ). and of course, pumpkin pie!!! pumpkin pie thogh is actually better cold for some reason, cus when I at it right when it came out of the oven, it was all moisty and tasteless, but if you drink honey water with the pumpkin pie, it's better. random, i know, i was just experimenting.

besides the splendid food, this was a great break and now two more weeks and telebears phase 2 until home once again! study hard and remember to take frequent breaks in between so you don't burn out!

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