31 January 2009

Need more classes?

So as a new school year has just begun, I realized that I had yet to select another class in order to meet the minimum 13 requirement. If any of you are in the same dilemma, here were some suggestions that I thought of: http://schedule.berkeley.edu/ and under the SPRING 2009 there's a category for open and suggested courses that you could take take a Decal- most start this week!!! sign up for breadths/ minor requirements sign up for PE classes - .5 units take another course that may satisfy a Berkeley requirement at a community college( use assist.org to verify) and then get a petition for concurrent enrollemnt at 260 Mulford- i'd say this would be the last option Hope this helps!!! AND of course, have fun! It's the spring rush this week which means free food and lots of networking for the freshman!

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26 January 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

The Chinese New Year always falls on a different day since it's based on the lunar calendar. In some countries, everyone gets about 9 days off to celebrate the new year. People usually celebrate by eating the traditional foods: fish, meat, long noodles, clementines, lettuce, dumplings...the chinese names for these foods sound like "prosperity" and "luck," so people eat them in hope that the new year will bring luck and prosperity, too. I wish I could've spent Chinese New Year with my family. I can't wait to go home for spring break. Only one and a half months away! I've also decided not to stay in Berkeley this summer and go back to Socal and take an MCAT prep class, instead. Anyways, happy Chinese New Year!

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21 January 2009


Everyone has been following their New Year's resolution to stay in shape pretty well so far - that's the only reason I can think of to explain why the gym is so packed all the time! Now there are always people waiting on the little green hexagons next to the ellipticals, and even the stairmasters and treadmills are full. Anyway, I've been getting into the groove, too, but my body is just dying. I don't know how I'm going to keep up gymming once the workload picks up. I can already tell that this semester is going to be much heavier than last semester. Hats off to humanities majors; my little R5A class seems like an incredible amount of work, and it's an intro class!

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21 January 2009

How to Double Major in Molecular Toxicology and Molecular Cell Biology in 4 years

This is how some of my peers double majored in both MolTox and MCB. Apparently, out of the five tracks, two the the tracks Cell Developmental Biology and Immunology (either Immuno Track 1 or Infectious Diseases Track 2) work well with Molecular Toxicology. Note: Double Majors don't need NST 11 for some reason. Only two upper division courses may overlap and be used for both majors. Legend: Green - classes for both majors Yellow - classes for MCB Red - classes for L&S breadth Blue - classes for MolTox Click here for Student A's schedule - MolTox & MCB-Immunology Student A specific Notes: Plans on attending pharmacy school. She took a lot of extra math classes because she was originally MCB w/ Math minor.Could have graduated as MCB in 3 years. Click here for Student B's schedule - MolTox & MCB-Infectious Diseases Student B Notes: Doubled in 4.5 years. Waived out of NST 171 by using 6 units of research. Check with department before doing so. Started as an Engineer major, then switched to MCB. Added MolTox later on when he realized the coolness of it. Plans on attending graduate school. VSET is a volunteer summer English teaching program that teaches in various Asian countries. Student B volunteered for and was sent to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Student B was the hydration technician and sports medicine intern for the football team. I asked David (Student B) some questions. Q: Why did you double major? I decided to pursue double major because I found to both MCB and Molecular Toxicology to be very interesting. One of the advantages of having a dual degree is that it allows for a greater understanding of biological mechanisms. Another advantage is that the combination of both degrees helps you stand out from other undergraduates. In addition 2 majors = 2 graduation ceremonies, it helps when you friends/family can't make it to one. Completing two science majors is challenging. One thing you will never have enough of is time. Q: Would you do it again if you had a second chance? A: If I had a second chance I would do it again. Even though it was challenging but the sense of accomplishment afterward makes it worthwhile. One thing I would have differently is to make the decision to double major earlier and plan better. Q: Did you matriculate with MCB in mind? A: As an incoming freshman I had hoped to transfer into Bioengineering, but multi-variable calculus helped change those plans. ~Special Thanks to Student A and David W. (Student B) for providing me with their schedules~

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21 January 2009

MCB to MolTox

Many people don't start as MolTox majors. We have more people graduating with MolTox than we have matriculating into Berkeley with a MolTox major. In my sample size of 10 from my NST 171 class, only 20% were entering MolTox majors. 20% were MCB majors who had added MolTox to double major. The other 60% were either undeclared or ex-MCB majors. Moral of this story? Become a MolTox major. =) Reasons why: 1) It's a good conversation starter. 2) You can actually see the professors in your classes--instead of using binoculars. 3) You can actually make friends with classmates because you'll see them again in other classes. 4) You won't need to climb the hill since the College of Natural Resources is on the lower North-West end of campus. 5) You can always change to a different major if you don't like it. (According to this article, 50% of people change their majors at least once during college. It may or may not be lower at Berkeley since L&S matriculates are technically undeclared. My biased opinion: If you start with an interesting major, you're more likely to explore. And, what is college if not to explore?

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21 January 2009

Crazy Ping Pong

Do you like Table Tennis? Do you think you're good at it? Then check this out and see if you're good enough to beat Bruce Lee at it. ^^ Awesome Bruce Lee ping pong match/a>

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20 January 2009

Berkeley's Presidential Inauguration Celebration

...A public viewing of the inauguration of President Barack H. Obama [will be held] on Tuesday, January 20, 2009, in Sproul Plaza. A large screen will be installed at the main entrance to Sproul Hall, and proceedings from Washington, D.C. will be broadcast beginning at 7:30 am.
Being that today was (is) the first day of classes for the Spring 2009 semester, this public viewing offered everyone in attendance a chance to celebrate this momentous occasion together. The crowd was electric--jubilantly cheering, clapping, smiling, and hanging on to our 44th President's every word--more so (from what I gathered) than the crowd in D.C. I am very happy, proud, and humbled to have been able to witness this event. I am thankful that Berkeley was able to put this together. (Pictures if you "continue reading")

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19 January 2009

Yay for new semester! (and new president!)

Here's some reasons to be excited of another semester of college life at Berkeley 1) See friends again and share stories about winter break. 2) Some of us will miss our parent's cooking, but I do miss Berkeley food! (Though I feel sorry for those who have to deal with dorm food again. Also, hopefully some of you folks who have kitchen learned some recipes during the break =P ) 3) Exercise. I like walking. I've been sitting almost my whole break playing video games, it's sickening!! Now I can also play tennis more often since my schedule is not as hectic as last semester. 4) Do something productive like internships or simply doing homework. 5) I usually don't read by myself, now I'll be forced to learn something! 6) Squirrels. 7) Meet new people ( but I think I have to go over facebook and review my friends' names. ) 8) And whatever else may happen Good luck and have a fun semester everyone!

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16 January 2009

My Winter Break

And as our winter break comes to a close, here's a recap of what I did. First things done: 1. watched The Gods Must Be Crazy I & II gods It's an awesome movie if you get the chance to watch it!

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13 January 2009

I’m sooooo ready to start spring 2009!!!

Break has been lots of fun, but now I am ready to go back to school, however I mostly miss my friends and the atmosphere of Berkeley. My first semester was rather generic as I had my Chem., English and other classes, while this upcoming semester I am taking fun and rather different classes. I am taking the dreaded Chem. 3A/L and on top of that it is from 8am to 9:30 and the killer part is the first lecture of the semester coincides with Obama’s Inaugural Celebration…NO!!!! What a triple whammy.

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06 January 2009

How to do Molecular Toxicology in Three Years

This is an explanation of how I did Molecular Toxicology and completed my pre-med reqs in basically three years. I spent 4 years at Berkeley, but one of those years was abroad in Japan where I did nothing related to Molecular Toxicology. And, I did not use those years in Japan to fulfill my breadths, because I had already completed those. There were certain things that helped me finish in at the pace I did. I completed the math requirements and breadth requirements before I entered college by taking those through community college. Instead of taking AP calculus in high school, I took it at the junior colleges. I passed my UC Entry Level Writing, American History, and American Institution requirements during high school, which is common with most students. The American Cultures was fulfilled through music in multicultural America which I took during the summer as an online course though Foothill Community College while doing research in Taiwan. 1) TAKE MCB 32 during your Fall frosh year. It's a fall only class. 2) MCB 32 is considered a biology class by many medical schools, so you won't need the other semester. I also took Bio AP and got a 5 so that counts as a second semester bio class by some med schools. It didn't bother me that I could not apply to some specific med schools. 3) I'm taking second semester physics my senior year because physics is not my strong point and that way I will have gotten into med school by that time. It's also not a required class for moltox so I wasn't taking a extra class that I disliked if I had changed career plans by then. Sure... I wasn't as prepared for the physics part of the MCAT, but I was still a bit above average on the MCAT on the physics portion... so I guess it didn't make that much of a difference. If you're an ultra-gung ho person who's only goal in life is to get into an extremely competitive med school and become a dermatologist.. this advice is not for you. I was sure.. but still shaky on my plans for life. 4) Going abroad is a good GPA booster... unfort... that's only if you're good at languages and if your grades come in time by the time you apply. Note.. they probably won't. 5) If I could have done things differently: It's nice to study abroad. Apply during your freshman year to go abroad in your sophomore year. =) 6) Choosing a different major?: No. I love this stuff and I'm staying with it. I came in as a MolTox. yay MolTox power! 7) Other advice: I heard that NST 171 won't be offered to all students. You'll be able to use research NST 199 (6 units) to fulfill the same req. So.. do research NOW!. And remember, you can always get units for research as long as you aren't paid. Even if you aren't sure that you'll use it to fulfill the req, you should still get the units anyways. They'll come in handy if you're short a few upperdiv units at the end.

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05 January 2009


You're probably wondering what's up with the odd title. Back at Cal, my roommate and I always talked about how we seem to revert back to our old selves when we go back home. Like, sometimes we feel like we're two different people: the one at Cal who takes buses to Safeway and the one who relaxes at home with all the luxuries. Now that I'm at home, sitting on a sofa for the first time in 4 months, I really don't want to go back to my studio in Cal. Whenever I go back home, I'm usually extremely happy to cook and bake a bunch of stuff for my family. It's pretty funny since I'm so lazy in my studio at Berkeley. I usually pig out on junk food for dinner when I'm at school. Horrible, I know. Another thing I've noticed is that my parents tend to treat me the same way they did before I left for college. In their eyes, I'm pretty much still a little kid who needs permission to go hang out with friends. It feels kind of strange since I can basically do whatever I want whenever I want at Berkeley. I don't really do anything my parents wouldn't approve of, though, I think. I've been told that I don't have much of a college life. I don't really mind. I'm pretty content with my experience right now. Anyways, I hope you guys are having fun over break!

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01 January 2009

Arizona Trip

So a few posts back, I mentioned that my dad wanted to bring us to Arizona. We were going to go this summer, but my dad decided to go this winter break, instead. We left on the morning of the 26th and drove about 8 hours to Mesa, where we went to my dad's friend's Italian restaurant. Their bread was amazing. It was a rustic type of bread, hard crust but chewy on the inside. I ate an entire loaf...the food was taking a while to arrive. Every time I go to an Italian restaurant, I always order Eggplant Parmesan. I'm not vegetarian and I used to hate eggplant, but this dish can be really yummy. Anyways, after dinner in Mesa, we drove to Tempe and spent the night watching ''The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,' which was pretty interesting. We were up bright and early the next day (Arizona's an hour ahead of California) and drove to Sedona, home of the red rocks. Here's a picture: DSC00731.JPG

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01 January 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Years!!! Do you guys have any New Year's Resolutions? I always do, but I usually only stick to them for about a week... These are my New Year's Resolutions so far: 1) Not pig out on junk food...I eat waaaay too much junk food...so so bad 2) Exercise... 3) NO slacking off!!! I really can't afford to since I'm taking Bio 1A/AL and Physics 8A this coming semester...yes, I'm basically toast Anyways, I hope everyone's having a great time and relaxing at home. Enjoy the break!!

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