January 1, 2009 8:59 AM

Arizona Trip

So a few posts back, I mentioned that my dad wanted to bring us to Arizona. We were going to go this summer, but my dad decided to go this winter break, instead.

We left on the morning of the 26th and drove about 8 hours to Mesa, where we went to my dad's friend's Italian restaurant. Their bread was amazing. It was a rustic type of bread, hard crust but chewy on the inside. I ate an entire loaf...the food was taking a while to arrive. Every time I go to an Italian restaurant, I always order Eggplant Parmesan. I'm not vegetarian and I used to hate eggplant, but this dish can be really yummy. Anyways, after dinner in Mesa, we drove to Tempe and spent the night watching ''The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,' which was pretty interesting.

We were up bright and early the next day (Arizona's an hour ahead of California) and drove to Sedona, home of the red rocks. Here's a picture:


The color of the rocks is due to the presence of iron. These rocks are actually formed from sand, so they're pretty easy to break. If you have a piece the size of those pink erasers, you can easily snap it in two. Imagine trying to do that to other rocks.

In Sedona, we also went on this Pink Jeep Tour. We took the Diamondback Gulch tour, which was one of the more rugged tours. For about two hours, we bounced around in a hot pink jeep, going into and out of gulches at angles up to 45 degrees. Here's a picture I took from the inside of our jeep. The jeep in the picture was the one ahead of us. The path doesn't look that bad in the picture, but it was actually a very bumpy ride.


The next day, we drove to the Kartchner Caverns state park. Unfortunately, we didn't make a reservation and all the tickets were sold out. We went back the next day at 7 am to buy tickets. No pictures were allowed, but you guys can google it. The caverns were actually really cool. The cavern is described as 'living' and tourists have to be careful not to touch anything or else the rocks might get 'sick.' The caverns were my favorite part of the whole trip. There was this giant column called 'Kubla Khan' in the Throne Room that's simply amazing.

We also went to Old Tuscon and Tombstone, which are both cowboy towns that are basically preserved to keep their authenticity. We didn't get to see any gun fights in Tombstone, unfortunately, since we got there after dark.

Anyways, that was my mini vacation. Believe it or not, we did all that in 4 days. There was a LOT of driving. I'm really content to just sit on a sofa right now.

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