January 20, 2009 9:08 PM

Berkeley's Presidential Inauguration Celebration

...A public viewing of the inauguration of President Barack H. Obama [will be held] on Tuesday, January 20, 2009, in Sproul Plaza. A large screen will be installed at the main entrance to Sproul Hall, and proceedings from Washington, D.C. will be broadcast beginning at 7:30 am.
Being that today was (is) the first day of classes for the Spring 2009 semester, this public viewing offered everyone in attendance a chance to celebrate this momentous occasion together. The crowd was electric--jubilantly cheering, clapping, smiling, and hanging on to our 44th President's every word--more so (from what I gathered) than the crowd in D.C. I am very happy, proud, and humbled to have been able to witness this event. I am thankful that Berkeley was able to put this together. (Pictures if you "continue reading")

I was able to borrow my girlfriend's DSLR (thanks!) to take pictures at this public viewing. Below are some of the photos from today.

Here is a shot of the setup of the screen and speakers (I know the wrong guy is on the screen, but I was only able to get this close after the crowd had dispersed some):

Full Screen View...

Here is a view of Sproul Hall and another shot of the screen (which partially shows the new First Family):
American Flag Partial Screen View

Various shots of the crowd:
Inauguration Crowd 1 Inauguration Crowd 9 Inauguration Crowd 5
Inauguration Crowd 3 Inauguration Crowd 2 Inauguration Crowd 7
Inauguration Crowd 6 Inauguration Crowd 4 Inauguration Crowd 8

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