January 21, 2009 3:52 PM

How to Double Major in Molecular Toxicology and Molecular Cell Biology in 4 years

This is how some of my peers double majored in both MolTox and MCB.

Apparently, out of the five tracks, two the the tracks Cell Developmental Biology and Immunology (either Immuno Track 1 or Infectious Diseases Track 2) work well with Molecular Toxicology.

Note: Double Majors don't need NST 11 for some reason. Only two upper division courses may overlap and be used for both majors.

Green - classes for both majors
Yellow - classes for MCB
Red - classes for L&S breadth
Blue - classes for MolTox

Click here for Student A's schedule - MolTox & MCB-Immunology

Student A specific Notes: Plans on attending pharmacy school. She took a lot of extra math classes because she was originally MCB w/ Math minor.Could have graduated as MCB in 3 years.

Click here for Student B's schedule - MolTox & MCB-Infectious Diseases

Student B Notes: Doubled in 4.5 years. Waived out of NST 171 by using 6 units of research. Check with department before doing so. Started as an Engineer major, then switched to MCB. Added MolTox later on when he realized the coolness of it. Plans on attending graduate school. VSET is a volunteer summer English teaching program that teaches in various Asian countries. Student B volunteered for and was sent to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Student B was the hydration technician and sports medicine intern for the football team.

I asked David (Student B) some questions.

Q: Why did you double major?
I decided to pursue double major because I found to both MCB and Molecular Toxicology to be very interesting. One of the advantages of having a dual degree is that it allows for a greater understanding of biological mechanisms. Another advantage is that the combination of both degrees helps you stand out from other undergraduates. In addition 2 majors = 2 graduation ceremonies, it helps when you friends/family can't make it to one. Completing two science majors is challenging. One thing you will never have enough of is time.

Q: Would you do it again if you had a second chance?
A: If I had a second chance I would do it again. Even though it was challenging but the sense of accomplishment afterward makes it worthwhile. One thing I would have differently is to make the decision to double major earlier and plan better.

Q: Did you matriculate with MCB in mind?
A: As an incoming freshman I had hoped to transfer into Bioengineering, but multi-variable calculus helped change those plans.

~Special Thanks to Student A and David W. (Student B) for providing me with their schedules~

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