January 13, 2009 1:02 AM

I’m sooooo ready to start spring 2009!!!

Break has been lots of fun, but now I am ready to go back to school, however I mostly miss my friends and the atmosphere of Berkeley. My first semester was rather generic as I had my Chem., English and other classes, while this upcoming semester I am taking fun and rather different classes. I am taking the dreaded Chem. 3A/L and on top of that it is from 8am to 9:30 and the killer part is the first lecture of the semester coincides with Obama’s Inaugural Celebration…NO!!!! What a triple whammy.

I will also take ESPM 50AC, which I hear is not that difficult and I have always loved history even though many say that it is boring. If I were not a science major I would probably go into history as an alternative. Another class I am excited for is Environmental Science 10. Although I keep on changing my mind I believe that I will major in MEB and ES 10 happens to satisfy my Social and Behavioral Science Breadth and in case I want to major in Environmental Science this class is, obviously, a major requirement.
In addition to these classes I also am enrolled in ESPM 98, which is a Decal on invasive species, but not wanting to over do it on Decals I would rather take NUSTX 11(Into to Toxicology) as I am also interested in Molecular Toxicology. If I were to take this class it would be an elective. I want to minor in motox, however all the minor requirements are upper divisions and so I want to take this intro class in order to see if this is a subject I would want to pursue. The only problem is I’m #48 on the waitlist out of 217 and since the class is lecture only, I am hoping that they will expend lecture to accommodate everybody, but I doubt it :/
To tell you the truth I feel as If I am taking it easy this semester and setting myself up for hell come sophomore year when I have to take Bio 1A, Physics 8A and Chem. 3B. I wish I could take another technical class, however Chem. 3A is so daunting that I don’t want to push it to far and risk getting low grades because I wanted to take a heavier course load. Yup just another semester at Cal…this is going way to fast.

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