January 21, 2009 2:49 PM

MCB to MolTox

Many people don't start as MolTox majors. We have more people graduating with MolTox than we have matriculating into Berkeley with a MolTox major. In my sample size of 10 from my NST 171 class, only 20% were entering MolTox majors. 20% were MCB majors who had added MolTox to double major. The other 60% were either undeclared or ex-MCB majors. Moral of this story? Become a MolTox major. =)

Reasons why:
1) It's a good conversation starter.
2) You can actually see the professors in your classes--instead of using binoculars.
3) You can actually make friends with classmates because you'll see them again in other classes.
4) You won't need to climb the hill since the College of Natural Resources is on the lower North-West end of campus.
5) You can always change to a different major if you don't like it. (According to this article, 50% of people change their majors at least once during college. It may or may not be lower at Berkeley since L&S matriculates are technically undeclared.

My biased opinion: If you start with an interesting major, you're more likely to explore. And, what is college if not to explore?

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