January 31, 2009 2:55 PM

Need more classes?

So as a new school year has just begun, I realized that I had yet to select another class in order to meet the minimum 13 requirement. If any of you are in the same dilemma, here were some suggestions that I thought of:

http://schedule.berkeley.edu/ and
under the SPRING 2009 there's a category for open and suggested courses that you could take

take a Decal- most start this week!!!

sign up for breadths/ minor requirements

sign up for PE classes - .5 units

take another course that may satisfy a Berkeley requirement at a community college( use assist.org to verify) and then get a petition for concurrent enrollemnt at 260 Mulford- i'd say this would be the last option
Hope this helps!!! AND of course, have fun! It's the spring rush this week which means free food and lots of networking for the freshman!

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