27 February 2009

Chem 3A midterm!!!

So yesterday I took the Chem 3A final and it was actually okay in my opinion. I was scared the whole day that I was going to die, but I seemed to have had a good figure on each question, albeit I didn’t finish I think I either did terribly or better than I think. I have such a terrible gauge in terms of predicting my scores on midterms. From past experience in Chem 1A when I thought I did terribly I instead did well and vice versa so this might not be a good thing when applying to Chem 3A. Well I know at least now to give myself more than 3 days to study…next midterm I will try and study a whole week before…well maybe ;)

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26 February 2009

Summer school!

So I don't have to repeat myself, here's a link to my last year's blog about things you can do during summer... though it's a little too early to think about vacation (http://nature.berkeley.edu/blogs/freshfaces/2008/05/summer.php#more). But if you are thinking of doing summer classes, internships, or research you have to decide soon because spots fill out fast. Anyways, I decided to take classes here at Berkeley this summer even though I don't really need to. I will take PoliSci 164 (Session A, which starts the week after the last final) and PoliSci 139a (Session D). I personally find it very difficult to bounce back to studying after long breaks (still recovering from winter break 08, sadly). Hopefully my summer classes would keep me busy and prepare me for Fall 09. As far as my college planning goes, it looks like Fall 09 is going to be my hardest semester. Summer Telebears tip: Don't be discouraged by waiting lists--talk to the department adviser and ask your chances of getting a class. Most of the time schedule.berkeley won't show the maximum seating until later. For example, when I signed up for PoliSci 164 the schedule says that max is 60 students. But when I visited the PoliSci adviser she showed me that there's actually 90 seating, although it was just set to 60 for the mean time.

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26 February 2009

FAFSA due in 4 days!!

If you haven't filled up your FAFSA yet, it is due on March 4! For a while I kept postponing it thinking I don't want to deal with a lot of paperwork again. I did mine last week and I was surprised it took me less than an hour! The website has a feature that will fill up your 2009-2010 application based on last year's application (but if this is your first time filing for FAFSA I suggest doing it ASAP, it can get really complicated). The only things I had to change this year is my address and income. I still have to wait for my parent's foreign tax return though, which I don't think would change much. If you have any questions you can always visit our awesome Financial Aid Office in Sproul Hall. Website is http://berkeley.edu/apply/aid.shtml. And some few tips: 1) If your parents work in another country and you have someone else claiming you as a dependent in the U.S., you still have to use your real parents' foreign income. 2) When asked how much savings you have, do not include those from loans and other financial aid (grants, university scholarship, work study) 3) Keep a copy of your parents' tax returns or at least be able to access it in case your school financial aid office asks for documents. 4) If for any reasons you missed the March 2 deadline, apply for FAFSA anyways--you might still get some financial aid. Better than nothing! 5) President Obama's stimulus package includes increase in financial aid (which may or may not increase eligible income range), so if you didn't get anything last year... you might this year! (though it depends what will happen to that package).

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22 February 2009

Essentials for Berkeley

I have a younger sister who might be coming to Cal next year. We won't know until the week of spring break, but we're all keeping our fingers crossed! Anyways, in the middle of my studying for Bio 1A (midterm this Wednesday!), I started daydreaming, again. I usually daydream about stuff my sister and I can do when she gets here, stuff I have to do, where we're going to live...so I guess my daydreams are kind of useful? So, here's a list of things that I think every Cal student needs to survive...literally: 1) umbrella (looks like rain for another 10 days straight...) 2) rain boots -I don't have rain boots, but I really need them! My right shoe has this hole in it that lets all the water in. I actually ventured out into the rain today in search of rain boots, but I couldn't find a pair in my size. I went to Walgreens (didn't have any), Bancroft Clothing ($40 for boots a size too big? no, thanks), and Wet Seal (none). I'm considering ordering some on Amazon, but I think you really have to try shoes on before you buy them. 3) Brita filter -Unless you want to spend a load of money on bottled water.

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21 February 2009


I took the SLC's mock midterm today, and I just have to say that I am SCARED for the real OChem midterm. I got pretty much every answer at least partially wrong, and I don't even think they even covered all of the material. I'm seriously worried sick. Being overly-worried about OChem is probably detrimental - I'm too afraid to touch the book, the practice problems, etc., which is simply ridiculous. I just need to face my fears and do the stuff!

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21 February 2009

FREE practice exams!

So I'm taking a practice GRE exam for free tomorrow 10am-2pm in 10 Evans...how did this happen? Go to: http://www.kaptest.com/practice You can take various practice tests (GRE, MCAT, LSAT, etc.) for free to get an idea of what you're in for if you plan on taking it for real at some point.

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20 February 2009

Close Call

So my adviser (Susan Kishi) had been sending out e-mails about being enrolled in enough units to be considered a full-time CNR student. I'd been ignoring them because I'd assumed that I was safely above 13. Not so! Apparently, I'd forgotten to use the CCN and CEC for my 3 URAP units in telebears, so I was officially only enrolled in 12 units. So basically, I fixed that. :) The nice thing was that I rushed over to Mulford right after class and asked if I could see her. I didn't even have an appointment, but she saw me right away, printing out contact info and offering her phone to me. Yay for CNR! I'm still thinking about switching to MoTox from ES, but I overheard a girl talking about that major being slightly impacted ... uh oh! I'm still confused about all of the majors' differences though. It's just that "molecular toxicology" sounds super-intimidating to other people (so I would look smart, haha) when it's not. ;)

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05 February 2009

Spring 2009 finally finalized!

So after 3 weeks of battling through long waitlists, conflicting schedules, and trying to save time for eating, sleeping and showering, I think I've finally got my spring 2009 schedule figured out! Mondays: 10am-11am ESPM 111 Ecosystem Ecology (Discussion) 11am-12pm ESPM 111 Ecosystem Ecology (Lecture) 1-3pm ESPM 178B (Environmental Ed Practicum) field placement at King Middle School Tuesdays: 9am-11am ED 189 Democracy and Education 11am-12:30pm SOC 150A Self and Society (audit) *potential independent research time* Wednesdays: 11am-12pm ESPM 111 Lecture 1pm-3pm volunteer at Jepson Herbarium 5pm-8pm ESPM 178B Lecture Thursdays: 9am-11am ED 189 11am-12:30pm SOC 150A (audit) *potential independent research time* Fridays: 11am-12pm ESPM 111 Lecture 12:30-3:30 Restoration Internship at RFS

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