February 20, 2009 11:39 AM

Close Call

So my adviser (Susan Kishi) had been sending out e-mails about being enrolled in enough units to be considered a full-time CNR student. I'd been ignoring them because I'd assumed that I was safely above 13. Not so! Apparently, I'd forgotten to use the CCN and CEC for my 3 URAP units in telebears, so I was officially only enrolled in 12 units.

So basically, I fixed that. :)

The nice thing was that I rushed over to Mulford right after class and asked if I could see her. I didn't even have an appointment, but she saw me right away, printing out contact info and offering her phone to me. Yay for CNR!

I'm still thinking about switching to MoTox from ES, but I overheard a girl talking about that major being slightly impacted ... uh oh! I'm still confused about all of the majors' differences though. It's just that "molecular toxicology" sounds super-intimidating to other people (so I would look smart, haha) when it's not. ;)

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