February 26, 2009 6:43 PM

FAFSA due in 4 days!!

If you haven't filled up your FAFSA yet, it is due on March 4!

For a while I kept postponing it thinking I don't want to deal with a lot of paperwork again.
I did mine last week and I was surprised it took me less than an hour! The website has a feature that will fill up your 2009-2010 application based on last year's application (but if this is your first time filing for FAFSA I suggest doing it ASAP, it can get really complicated). The only things I had to change this year is my address and income. I still have to wait for my parent's foreign tax return though, which I don't think would change much.

If you have any questions you can always visit our awesome Financial Aid Office in Sproul Hall. Website is http://berkeley.edu/apply/aid.shtml.

And some few tips:
1) If your parents work in another country and you have someone else claiming you as a dependent in the U.S., you still have to use your real parents' foreign income.
2) When asked how much savings you have, do not include those from loans and other financial aid (grants, university scholarship, work study)
3) Keep a copy of your parents' tax returns or at least be able to access it in case your school financial aid office asks for documents.
4) If for any reasons you missed the March 2 deadline, apply for FAFSA anyways--you might still get some financial aid. Better than nothing!
5) President Obama's stimulus package includes increase in financial aid (which may or may not increase eligible income range), so if you didn't get anything last year... you might this year! (though it depends what will happen to that package).

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