February 26, 2009 8:09 PM

Summer school!

So I don't have to repeat myself, here's a link to my last year's blog about things you can do during summer... though it's a little too early to think about vacation (http://nature.berkeley.edu/blogs/freshfaces/2008/05/summer.php#more). But if you are thinking of doing summer classes, internships, or research you have to decide soon because spots fill out fast.

Anyways, I decided to take classes here at Berkeley this summer even though I don't really need to. I will take PoliSci 164 (Session A, which starts the week after the last final) and PoliSci 139a (Session D). I personally find it very difficult to bounce back to studying after long breaks (still recovering from winter break 08, sadly). Hopefully my summer classes would keep me busy and prepare me for Fall 09. As far as my college planning goes, it looks like Fall 09 is going to be my hardest semester.

Summer Telebears tip:
Don't be discouraged by waiting lists--talk to the department adviser and ask your chances of getting a class. Most of the time schedule.berkeley won't show the maximum seating until later. For example, when I signed up for PoliSci 164 the schedule says that max is 60 students. But when I visited the PoliSci adviser she showed me that there's actually 90 seating, although it was just set to 60 for the mean time.

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