March 24, 2009 12:36 AM

A word of wisdom

Plan out your class schedule. My first semester as a Cal student, I took the most random classes for a science major, including PE, Babylonian studies, Italian, and Astronomy. Although they were interesting classes, I've found that my poor planning has managed to set me behind schedule-wise. Now I feel as if I am scrambling to finish certain science classes on time so that I will be able to graduate on time :( For instance, I am currently waiting for Bio 1a's waitlist to go down so that I can get on it. Yes, thats right, I am waiting to get on the waitlist. Oh the irony. So dear freshmen, before you follow too closely with the advice to take whatever classes you feel like exploring...make sure that you have some plan of what your schedule should ideally look like, and make a few back up plans if you want to make sure to graduate on time :)

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