March 17, 2009 10:57 PM

How was I able to take 25 units last semester you ask?

So here are the things you have to do in order to take more units than the permitted maximum:

1. You must be crazy
2. You must have a schedule that fits (with no overlapping classes, that weakens your petition). It is also good if you have a reason to your insanity (for example, I am taking the MCATs this semester and I am a double major who wants to graduate on time therefore, I had to take 25 units in order to take less units this semester to make room for the MCATS).
3. You must talk to your major advisor and get approval (this generally takes place for CNR students either way since you have to get your advisor code before you register for classes regardless).
4. You must turn in a "student petition" found in the 260 Mulford with your attached schedule and Tele-Bears form approval from your advisor.
5. After a few days, you can either: sign up yourself for extra classes OR in some cases CNR itself will have to enroll you in the class you need.

Its not all that complicated, but you really shouldn't do it unless you really really really have to. I was basically LIVING at school last semester, and I think I paid Main Stacks rent due for Finals week. So please, think twice before you do this and make sure you can handle it!

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