March 5, 2009 5:08 PM

Saved by CNR!

The past few days have been pretty challenging, to put it nicely. Yesterday, I completely messed up on my physics midterm. My pencil ran out of lead about half an hour into the exam and I didn't have an extra one. I had just lost my extra pencil earlier that day. Just my luck. So I had to use pen on my physics midterm. I decided to write my answer in the test booklet first, then transfer over to my blue book. Unfortunately, when I transferred my answer, I copied down a sign wrong so my whole answer is off. I also messed up completely on the last problem. I think my brain just decided to take a vacation during my test...

So after the midterm, I had to go home and finish a paper due today at 9:30 am in class. My printer had just run out of ink on Monday, so I ordered ink with next day shipping. They tried delivering it yesterday at 6 pm, but I was taking my physics midterm. My roommate said she would print it out for me today, but then that printer ran out of ink. I sprinted to CNR around 9 am and finally managed to print my paper! Thank heavens for the CNR computer lab!

By the way, there's a CNR movie night tonight! Free movie and pizza! Could it get any better?

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